"Adelaide HillsThere were vines planted in the Adelaide Hills in the 1870's but due to the perceived and real challenges of cool climate viticulture in the early days most of them were removed by the 1930's. The birth of the Adelaide Hills region as we know it today is 1976 with the establishment of Petaluma. This is a hilly regional located just ea..."
" With a rich history dating back to 1842, this is one of the most historic wine producing regions in Australia. Originally established by the British, the noted German influence came from Lutheran emigrants from Prussia. There are now sixth generation grape growing families in the Barossa and the region is home to Australia's largest c..."
" Canberra District : Drive 35 minutes north of the nation’s capital to discover one of New South Wales’ best-kept secrets, where travellers can expect a sensory experience of lush countryside and contemporary vineyard estates. Step into a choice of cellar doors for the opportunity to taste alternative varieties as well as familiar favourites. I..."
" James Halliday has described the Clare Valley as one of Australia's most beautiful wine-producing regions. Hills fold in on themselves, streamlets meander and lines of gumtrees are forever twisting through pockets of vineyards and around old stone houses. Clare Valley is located north west of the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Its hist..."
"CoonawarraAs well as producing world-renowned Cabernet Sauvignon, Coonawarra is the perfect place to experience unique wines and delicious local produce. The terra rossa of Coonawarra is Australia's most famous soil, renowned for its affinity with Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Coonawarra was first planted in the 1880's but the region really struggled..."
"Heathcote’s shiraz is one of a kind, known for its rich colour, natural acidity and texture. Red wine enthusiasts can certainly get their fill, as shiraz and cabernet sauvignon are the area’s main plantings. While these crimson-purple grapes may steal the show, the region’s producers are also having success with Italian and Spanish varieties inc..."
"The Hunter Valley is all about peeling back layers of discovery. Hunter Valley Semillon is a unique Australian white wine which keeps getting better with age. The region is also home to innovative young winemakers are at the forefront of new varieties and styles such as Tempranillo. The region is defined by its rich histori..."
"The Macedon Ranges is Australia's coolest mainland wine region. Compared the climate of many of Australia's wine regions, the Macedon Ranges is quite different. It ranges from extremely cold in its windswept south-east and very cold in its north-west.The Macedon Ranges is Australia's coolest mainland wine region. Compared the climate of many of Aus..."
"In a little over 40 years, Margaret River has built an international reputation as a true home of fine wine, capable of matching it with the world's best. Highly regarded as a producer of powerful - yet elegant - Cabernet Sauvignon, the region has also forged a great reputation for its white wines notably Chardonnay and Semillon Sauvignon Blan..."
" Marlborough can lay claim to starting the modern New Zealand wine industry. Here in the late 1970s, Marlborough produced Sauvignon blanc, among other varieties, which led to confidence that New Zealand could produce interesting wine. Today, the Marlborough wine region represents 62% of total vineyard area in the country. The king varietal ..."
"McLaren Vale is one of South Australia's most picturesque regions, offering exceptional wines and regional produce. It offers exceptional wines and regional produce all set amongst rolling vineyards, a rugged coastline and a charming collective of villages. McLaren Vale has a rich history and is widely recognised as one of Australia’s greenest..."
"Mornington Peninsula :Few could resist a plate of freshly shucked oysters paired with a crisp glass of sparkling wine, or a local cheese board matched to a chardonnay or pinot noir. The Mornington Peninsula wine region is a maritime treat, with vineyards as close as seven kilometres from the waters’ edge. Chardonnay, pinot gris and pinot noir are..."
"Orange is at the heart of one of the most beautiful and productive areas in NSW.  Orange and surrounding areas are enjoying a growing reputation for rare and exotic produce thanks to the cool climate and rich volcanic soils. The produce ranges from stone fruits and sheep's cheeses to fungi and grapes...."
"The Riverina grows 15% of the total Australian grape production and is the largest wine producing region in New South Wales. It is a flat tract of land on the state's south-west plains and is centred on the city of Griffith. The term Riverina was apparently invented by John Dunmore Lang in the 1850s to describe a type of country (the Riverina ..."
"Rutherglen : Head for Victoria’s High Country to soak up its scenery, unique character and bountiful produce. Within a three-hour drive north-east of Melbourne lies a spoil of wines styles and incredible food, where historic, family-operated wineries are the norm. Key varieties include durif, shiraz, muscat and topaque, and Rutherglen’s long-live..."
"South Australia produces over half of the wine production in the whole country. You can find the oldest vine in the world there, especially in Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills. This state has various climates, ranging from mild to cool climate, which makes the wine here quite different styles and good quality...."
"Southeast Australia is a large wine producing areas, covering new South Wales, South Australia, Vitoria and other states. It is the main region of Australia wine production. Each region has its own unique style, climate and classic grape varieties...."
"The Southern Highlands form part of the Great Dividing Range, with the area sitting between 500 and 900 metres above sea level; the vineyards are positioned at up to 700 metres in altitude. Generally the region is cool, moist and slightly humid. Though there are records pointing to table grape vineyards and a modest wine production of 4300 l..."
"Tasmania is one of Australia's finest cool climate wine producing regions, well known for producing award-winning sparkling wine, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. With a cool climate that has long, sunny and dry autumns, Tasmania has ideal growing conditions for developing naturally elegant, intensely flavoured and aromatic wines, As well a..."
"The Tumbarumba region is in the Snowy Mountains, a part of the Australian Alps which feature the nation's highest peak, Mount Kosciusko. Vineyards are found at altitudes ranging from 300 to 800 metres (984 to 2624 feet). Vines have been grown in Tumbarumba since 1982 and currently there are more than 25 vineyards in the region. Due to the regio..."
" Western Australia's major wine producing areas are concentrated in the southwest corner, including the Swan Valley, Margaret River, Pemberton and the Great Southern. Today's wine production accounts for over 4% instead of 1% 6 years ago. Thanks to Margaret River's world-famous reputation , Western Australia grows quite ..."
"The Yarra Valley is now recognised as one of Australia's foremost cool climate regions, capable of making classic styles from a wide range of varieties. It is known as the birthplace of Victoria's wine industry. The regional emphasis on the quality and flavour of wine has spread to the local produce grown in the same fertile soil and expertly t..."